Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I do not believe PG&E is to blame for this ....

Per the City of Fresno's water department: Replacing the water system would be impossible without destruction of connecting properties! Exactly.

What you see below is an example of what has been taking place throughout Fresno, CA (and more) over the past 50 yrs. Altered property lines with structures now equipped with clamped sewer and water lines.

To deceive the public, parcel maps are being altered in escrow as rebuilt properties are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

Most people in Fresno will verify that Olive Ave. was widened, yet Public Works denies it. Because widening Olive Ave. was not authorized, therefore it was carried out one block at a time, so it would not call attention to what was taking place, including the major reconstruction of street-lined properties, which were then resold with altered parcel maps to cover up the evidence.

(Although same location, diagram below is sideways to above diagram.)

The City of Fresno's own water layout verifies all of the above. 

The group conspiring with Public Works is not authorized either; hence no records for what is taking place. Reconstruction without permits or inspections. Major health, environmental, safety and building code violations.

Wilbert G. Swieso is the self-proclaimed mastermind who boasts of overriding the Planning Department, then having records altered to make it appear that things were always this way. He conspires with various City employees while laughing that the officials / office personnel are too incompetent to ever catch or stop him.

This operation is behind much of the street widening taking place. Instead of records to show the street widening, more cover up, including altered aerial views to make it appear that things were always this way. As this continues, so do the ADA violations.

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Old utility poles were removed from earlier easements, now standing in the alleys and middle of sidewalks. There are also many more utility poles ~ look around, they are everywhere! Check out the code violations behind the relocation of street lights. This is a nightmare in itself! Yet with the altered records, our city and PG&E's office personnel maintain that things have always been this way - exactly as programmed.

      Not only are there witnesses to the additional, replaced and reconnected utility poles, there are witnesses to who is behind this ~ it is not the City of Fresno or Pacific Gas and Electric in charge of this. That is why they cannot help ~ the office personnel have nothing to go by but the altered records on file.

You can see with your own eyes what a shambles all of this has become. Totally unauthorized with altered records to cover up what is taking place.

Therefore, the question is this. Is it really a coincidence that more and more residents are complaining about unexplained increases in monthly utility rates? While they are placing blame on PG&E's Smart Meters, PG&E maintains that nothing is wrong with their Smart Meters. Perhaps it is time someone looks at what the Smart Meters are connected to; perhaps it is time that Pacific Gas & Electric realizes that outsiders have taken over their equipment, utiltiy poles, rewiring, etc.

Electricity theft, which appears to be a major problem behind all of this, is another area not being looked into because people who steal utilities are protected by Disclosure Laws.