Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unsolved Murder Puzzle (Fresno, CA)

William ("Bill") Wyatt Polzin

June 30, 1946 to February 16, 1994

Bill was shot/killed when he stepped outside his shop one evening - to date this has remained an unsolved murder. It appears that providing information behind this, is nothing less than suicide and will likely remain an unsolved murder, because it seems to be linked to the City of Fresno and their fake work crew - behind 45+ yrs of "secret" replacement of the city water system.

Parcel-by-parcel, block-by-block, every structure rebuilt on top of clamped sewer/water lines.  Streets widened; alleys narrowed; blocks made smaller; relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc.  Unless done in-between sales or under the guise of "renovations" ~ God help the occupant. 

Olive Ave. was an especially dangerous place to own property - where the bigger alterations would take place in order for the illegal tie-ins to be connected to the main line. This, my friends, is what was taking place at the time of Bill's murder .  There is no record of it ~ because it was not authorized.  No permits or inspections.  The evidence is behind the altered public records and "planted" neighbors who served as "credible witnesses" that none of this took place.

Method:  Prior to any alterations, the area is first "planted" with occupants who will later serve as "credible witnesses" that nothing took place. Below is a diagram that basically shows the layout of where the Polzin tragedy took place.

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The attorney for Bill's estate was David A. Silva, atty. Mr. Silva's office was located next door to WGS, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind all of this. 

Mr. Silva is the also the attorney who, after making sure that ties among my siblings had been severed, conspired with WGS in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties (# 2 and # 3) appointing WGS, "Successor Trustee" despite an IRREVOCABLE TRUST!  (With plans for my final departure underway, #4 was also on the menu.)

Prior to Bill's death, DM lived with RJD at # 7. (RJD used to live near WS [#8] in Chicago many years earlier.) DM moved out of # 7 and met HM - they were renting the corner property during the time of Bill's murder. Then they relocated, 1 mile away. RJD's next roommate was Don, who died; RJD was the beneficiary of Don's estate. RJD's next roommate was/is Frank, whose health began to deteriorate. Frank's ill mother died there (# 7); his father died at home shortly after. RJD coerced Frank into severing ties with family and appointing RJD beneficiary of Frank's AND his family's estates (as WGS basically did to me while I was being administered unknown chemicals without my knowledge.) After these same alterations took place to # 7, RJD and Frank bought a building on Olive 2 blks east, where the same alterations took place (under the guise of "renovations.") Then they moved 1-2 miles where the same alterations took place. House (# 7) was sold to Dan. WS (#8) sold his house and moved 1/2-mile away; DM & HM bought #8. Dan (#7) died; RJD handled the estate. (The rumor that Dan was "suicidal" is a lie.) Frank and RJD then relocated to WI where Frank has since been hospitalized. (Much more re: RJD.) In-between this, Linda seems to have "vanished." My point is that it appears to be a never-ending nightmare among the "regulars."

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Bill was surrounded by the "regulars." Immediately after his death, the reconstruction of his property began. Sidewalk was also torn up with sewer/water line alterations tied into alterations on the corner property - at the same time of city street alterations. Yet to this day, Bill's former neighbors continue to deny that anything unusual went on at the time of the tragedy. They further deny street work, fire hydrant or storm drain relocation, street lights or utility pole relocation. They deny any destruction or reconstruction to Bill's property when in fact, it was MAJOR reconstruction in addition to the underground utilities on both properties being connected and tied-into the main line, headed beneath the tree median that was installed between the properties.


RJD kept in touch with his deceased roommate's (Don) mother, Gay. Public records show that David Silva, atty handled the estate for Gay as well.

Keep in mind that Gay had other children. From what I recall, they lived in Bakersfield; I recall the fighting and arguments among family members - refusing to visit Don. A scene that has since become all-too familiar when linked to people who intend on seizing control of the assets. (Also odd is that I do not find David Silva, atty, listed in phone directories - who refers him to such clients? As a matter of interest, it was when I reported him to CA BAR Assn. for fraud he secretly closed his office, never to be seen again. Since disbarred with several cases pending against him.)


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As mentioned above, DM and HM bought #8, giving them a clear view of my home (#4.) With "planted" tenants occupying # 2 and # 3 - our properties were stripped, gutted, reconstructed. Naturally, neighbors and tenants claimed that nothing took place. Residential street was widened, which they also deny.

Not long ago my floor was torn out and replaced with trash; central air/heat ripped out and replaced with trash entailing asbestos; even ducts torn out so the filth and asbestos pour in through the vents. This was near the time Les G. stopped by - dropping off a medical book and telling me I would be needing it. In the past he carried on about how cruel and evil he was, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood who robs and kills. This is the same person who, 3 yrs ago, was helping the "auction people" go through the estate of Bill Polzin's mother, smirking that no one ever figured out who murdered Bill. Auction people are linked to RJD, also an "auction person" and very much a part of what was done to my family, our properties and me.

Albert Perez owner of the Laundromat (# 1) was also set up for annihilation. Lied to by the same city risk analyst - never seen again. Property stripped; gutted; torn apart and rebuilt differently after sewer/water lines were replaced - unauthorized. More altered plat/parcel maps. Signature on new deed to Laundromat looks like the same signature I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application, laughing, "You can't live for the dead." New owner of Laundromat lives next door to JCW - who "acquires" property by fraud and forgery. JCW is the person who said he planned on taking over my family's 3 properties as well as the Perez Laundromat, as I would be meeting the others, including his former wife (who has not been seen in years - signatures verified by handwriting expert as forged), "IN ANOTHER WORLD!"

The City of Fresno called me a "liar" about the horrendous destruction, loss of properties and annihilation of my family members in order to secretly replace sewer and water lines behind these properties. Their own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what they did; the structures speak for themselves. So they had a Restraining Order issued against me - I was called "crazy" and "liar" as they turned the tables and deemed ME a danger to THEM! They further prohibited me from reporting this to ANYONE else at the City of Fresno. Added to the other fraudulent lawsuits and R.O. by "planted" tenants, it is ME who appears the criminal. Here, you can see that it is not me who is lying - this is a copy of the sewer layout 1 blk east of the Polzin property. It is further evidence of Olive Ave. being widened as well as the accompanying sewer/water line replacement that the City of Fresno is denying.

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And here, you can see connections among some of the people who seem to intertwine throughout all of the above.

Reporting this turned out to be the biggest crime of all. Lies, anger, name-calling, Restraining Order, followed by death threats. The focus remains on discrediting me by using by behavior while being poisoned as this took place on my family's and neighbor's properties. That is how the City and County of Fresno justify disregarding my reports. Regardless of what I say or provide as evidence, it is not allowed. Because the truth is not allowed.