Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aerial Views Altered / Cover-Up in Fresno, CA

In an ongoing attempt to deceive the public, while covering up one of the most barbaric operations in history, aerial views of Fresno, CA have been altered.

Old directories, maps have also been altered to cover up 45+/- yrs of altering structures throughout town, parcel-by-parcel. Various structures completely removed as others expanded and shifted down in a "ripple effect." Patched, re-built and new construction now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Utility poles relocated and reconnected. All done without permits or inspections. With no record on file for any of this taking place, disclosure laws being kicked aside, new deeds entailing new measurements, structures continue being sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

This is why there are no older records of Fresno, CA. Very few photographs remain - many are scanned and altered to make it appear as though things were always as they are now.

It appears that our water source is being diverted. Concern should also be given regarding Fresno and other cities in the central valley possibly being set up for a major disaster. With the financial and real estate fraud behind this operation, it would benefit the very people who are behind this. People who talk of development where it has been prohibited all these years; one even boasted about the decades he put into breaking water laws in order to achieve that very goal.

Upon uncovering this operation, Fresno's Dept. of Public Works filed a Restraining Order against me - committing perjury to discredit their own UNALTERED records, which verify EXACTLY what they are doing - further prohibiting me from reporting this to anyone at the City of Fresno other than the senior risk analyst who lied to keep this covered up. Death threats (by ??) followed if I continue to report this. Considering the trail of ID theft, missing persons, suspected homicide that accompanies this operation - I take that threat very seriously.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Title Company Fraud / Corruption - Fresno, CA

With no permits or inspections on record for the felony altering / re-construction taking place throughout Fresno, CA, and disclosure laws being disregarded, patched, damaged and re-built structures continue being sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers. This is where the altered plat/parcel maps are taking place. New deeds cover up the illegal altering/re-construction as well as changes to property lines. Any questions or requests for previous lot information results in being told that the information is "no longer available." Hence, no older records of Fresno.

This is a barbaric operation that sometimes entails heinous crimes to innocent residents in order to carry out, in some cases, never seen again. Also being recorded are fraudulent and forged legal documents as well as fraudulent financing information.

It is time that residents of Fresno learn the truth.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blocks made smaller to carry out felony operation - Fresno

In order to carry out the secret altering of the city's water system throughout town, streets are widened; blocks are made smaller. Such as Olive Ave. - west end of the Tower Dist. There are no records, permits or inspections for the street widening that went on - not even for the major damages and reconstruction to street-lined properties. No record for the altered property lines - instead, parcel maps altered to make it appear that things were always this way.

Take a look at the other end of this block, where more unauthorized alterations took place in preparation for cutting this street back i.e., relocated street lights, utility poles, AT&T's junction box. Once again, no record for any of it - only more lies and altered records to cover up the evidence. Newcomers remain oblivious.

Front lawns are cut back; alleys narrowed and/or closed off to compensate. As done on my block, the garage next to the alley went from a single to a double and extended into the alley, which narrowed the alley. Utility poles were moved from easements into the alley where the garbage bins once stood, making it appear that things were always this way.

With all 4 sides of blocks throughout town being cut back, various structures are removed as others are systematically altered and shifted in a "ripple effect." All done without permits or inspections; massive health, environmental, safety and building code violations. Storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights all relocated, yet no record for any of it. No record for major reconstruction to structures - only more cover-up (directories, aerial views, plat/parcel maps.) This is why there are no older records of Fresno, CA.

Regarding the above photo - past and present neighbors have verified the relocation of utility poles down the entire alley; others know it would have been impossible for the ones along the street to have been there - until 15 yrs ago, there was no curb or mow strip on the other street shown in this picture. This is NOT how things were set up. Yet according to city records, the poles have been standing there for decades. Simply altering records is all it takes - no one questions anything.

This is a massive fraud operation, entailing heinous and barbaric crimes to innocent people in order to vacate property. "Planted" neighbors and tenants eliminate any witnesses to wrongdoing.

From one end of town to the other. Repeat - The entire city has been turned inside out behind our backs, yet right under our noses. To date, altering plat/parcel maps has been enough to fool the public - even the so-called "experts. With disclosure laws kicked aside, these damaged and shoddily-rebuilt structures now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines, continue being sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.