Sunday, June 22, 2008

Title Company Fraud / Corruption - Fresno, CA

With no permits or inspections on record for the felony altering / re-construction taking place throughout Fresno, CA, and disclosure laws being disregarded, patched, damaged and re-built structures continue being sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers. This is where the altered plat/parcel maps are taking place. New deeds cover up the illegal altering/re-construction as well as changes to property lines. Any questions or requests for previous lot information results in being told that the information is "no longer available." Hence, no older records of Fresno.

This is a barbaric operation that sometimes entails heinous crimes to innocent residents in order to carry out, in some cases, never seen again. Also being recorded are fraudulent and forged legal documents as well as fraudulent financing information.

It is time that residents of Fresno learn the truth.

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