Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I do not believe PG&E is to blame for this ....

Per the City of Fresno's water department: Replacing the water system would be impossible without destruction of connecting properties! Exactly.

What you see below is an example of what has been taking place throughout Fresno, CA (and more) over the past 50 yrs. Altered property lines with structures now equipped with clamped sewer and water lines.

To deceive the public, parcel maps are being altered in escrow as rebuilt properties are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

Most people in Fresno will verify that Olive Ave. was widened, yet Public Works denies it. Because widening Olive Ave. was not authorized, therefore it was carried out one block at a time, so it would not call attention to what was taking place, including the major reconstruction of street-lined properties, which were then resold with altered parcel maps to cover up the evidence.

(Although same location, diagram below is sideways to above diagram.)

The City of Fresno's own water layout verifies all of the above. 

The group conspiring with Public Works is not authorized either; hence no records for what is taking place. Reconstruction without permits or inspections. Major health, environmental, safety and building code violations.

Wilbert G. Swieso is the self-proclaimed mastermind who boasts of overriding the Planning Department, then having records altered to make it appear that things were always this way. He conspires with various City employees while laughing that the officials / office personnel are too incompetent to ever catch or stop him.

This operation is behind much of the street widening taking place. Instead of records to show the street widening, more cover up, including altered aerial views to make it appear that things were always this way. As this continues, so do the ADA violations.

Click: Sidewalks Pose Serious Perils for Pedestrians

Old utility poles were removed from earlier easements, now standing in the alleys and middle of sidewalks. There are also many more utility poles ~ look around, they are everywhere! Check out the code violations behind the relocation of street lights. This is a nightmare in itself! Yet with the altered records, our city and PG&E's office personnel maintain that things have always been this way - exactly as programmed.

      Not only are there witnesses to the additional, replaced and reconnected utility poles, there are witnesses to who is behind this ~ it is not the City of Fresno or Pacific Gas and Electric in charge of this. That is why they cannot help ~ the office personnel have nothing to go by but the altered records on file.

You can see with your own eyes what a shambles all of this has become. Totally unauthorized with altered records to cover up what is taking place.

Therefore, the question is this. Is it really a coincidence that more and more residents are complaining about unexplained increases in monthly utility rates? While they are placing blame on PG&E's Smart Meters, PG&E maintains that nothing is wrong with their Smart Meters. Perhaps it is time someone looks at what the Smart Meters are connected to; perhaps it is time that Pacific Gas & Electric realizes that outsiders have taken over their equipment, utiltiy poles, rewiring, etc.

Electricity theft, which appears to be a major problem behind all of this, is another area not being looked into because people who steal utilities are protected by Disclosure Laws. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you believe property insurance will protect you from the horrors?

This is a copy of the comment I just posted on my previous blog. Click: Swieso's infamous "rotation system" comes full circle 11/23. It is an example of how Principal Insurance's "top agent" services his clients while funding his secret water diversion operation explained on my page. Click: Marla

Learn how insurance agents (and realtors) conspire in robbing and seizing control of their client's properties and assets. Keep in mind that the mold problem mentioned below was the result of Swieso having the newly-clamped water lines loosened, covered in cement in order to create the problem.

Not mentioned here is one of Mr. Swieso's techniques in "helping" his confused clients obtain Long Term Care insurance before they "forget" to pay their premium. Always there to help, he is licensed in "reverse mortage."

Be sure to read my previous blog so you get the full picture.

My monthly property insurance premium statements for my family's 2 commercial properties arrived by mail - promptly paid.

Upon renewal, the premium changed somewhat. Suddenly, I stopped receiving the monthly billings. Not wanting to be an inconvenience, I continued making payments online ~ unfortunately, in the wrong amount. Surely I would be contacted if there was a problem, but that is not how this worked out. It was at this time, my property insurance agent began sending MY BUSINESS to SWIESO'S office, despite repeated requests to STOP! In time, due to a few dollars discrepancy in my monthly payments, rather than contact me a 30-day notice was sent. I never saw it.

Then came the CANCELLATION NOTICE! Ron Lamm, my property insurance agent (as well as his secretary) REFUSED to assist; then they refused to acknowledge me. Clearly, their focus was on accommodating Mr. Swieso regarding MY ACCOUNT.

It was at this time, mold began consuming 1 of the 2 structures; the tenant told me he feared the wall would collapse. Of course it would ~ without insurance, he could then sue and own all, just as Mr. Swieso's group boasts of doing to others.

Now look at the entire message pertaining to my property insurance premium, where you will see the bigger picture as described in the above blog. Keep in mind that by this point, I had quit working for Mr. Swieso. I mention that because he actually delivered this memo from MY insurance agent, in person, because he "knew it was important." AND HE KNEW I WAS NOT RECEIVING THE INFORMATION! I was being by-passed as this man had once again, taken control OF MY AFFAIRS behind my back.

The policy had been CANCELLED with no chance for reinstatement. This is a beautiful example of how Mr. Swieso, while in the midst of destroying me, STILL wanted recognition as the innocent, caring and concerned "friend." He wanted to be THANKED for his help and concern. Once again wanting to be seen for all his "help" when in fact, HE was the very cause behind this.

At this point, I still did not know the legal documents were fraudulent, but I finally realized that Mr. Swieso had set out to destroy me.

And it was also clear that without property insurance coverage, the tenant, who Mr. Swieso was involved in from the very beginning, was trouble. This is why Swieso coerced me into renting to this man. This is why the"planted" tenant made it clear from day 1, he wanted to buy the buildings when I got "ready" to sell them. Escrow dragged out for 1 yr because no one would tell me about the fraudulent legal documents.

In the end, the new deeds to the properties entailed illegally revised parcel maps to match the new property lines. And fraudulent financing information ~ this explains why both realtors not only lied about the value of the properties but refused to help or look into my claims that I was sure the buyer did not qualify and there was fraud taking place. They had me pinned into a corner ~ either cooperate or lose everything, including my home behind these 2 properties.

As I have said all along, it was not intended that I would still be alive. With the fraudulent legal documents appointing Mr. Swieso, "Successor Trustee" of these properties ~ and my final departure underway, this is only 1 example of how Swieso is "acquiring" property and funding his "secret sideline."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fresno / CA Central Valley - Flood insurance recommended

Freeway 41, which goes down the center of Fresno, CA was built in 1981. It was designed to double as a water channel should Friant Dam ever flood.

See my page for a recap of the secret water diversion operation that began decades ago, leaving Fresno and surrounding cities setting on top of a replaced water system, haphazardly clamped together. Click: Marla

No one oversees Public Works - there appears to be no accountability within this department. This allows them to conspire with Mr. Swieso, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the water diversion operation. Behind their backs, however, Mr. Swieso has another work crew. He has tied in more to the city's portion, which they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT. He says the City of Fresno is too incompetent to ever catch or stop him. Mr. Swieso is running people off their property followed by unauthorized reconstruction. He changes property lines and has the parcel maps altered in escrow. He then has these illegally altered parcel maps presented to neighbors who are accused of their property "overlapping" and threatened with lawsuits if they do not rectify the problem at their expense! He is having utility poles relocated/reconnected. PG&E's records are then altered to make it appear that nothing changed, which is why there is no help. (There are witnesses to ALL of this taking place throughout town, besides me!)

Mr. Swieso says that this operation is behind the valley's water shortage - laughing that the public will never figure it out. Obviously he is right - click on the above link to see what he has done! He and his associate (Jeffry Winslow) both indicated this operation is linked to the water supply at Millerton / Friant Dam.

Mr. Swieso boasts of being braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking laws - including water laws and regulations that have prohibited development in the area where he planned to build his "dream home."

Mr. Winslow, on the other hand, carries on how this "secret water operation" will soon result in the water at the dam being raised, which will allow for piped water at the campgrounds located at his nearby resort (elev. 6,500'.) Click below to see how he helps "clear the path" so this operation can continue.

These people have not only destroyed our beautiful city and shoddily rebuilt it on top of a replaced water system without any permits, inspections or safety precautions, they are getting by with heinous crimes as they do it!

And guess who is behind them as it continues! No one is protecting residents from what is taking place.

In the past, I posted several articles pertaining to the possibility of Millerton's Friant Dam flooding - including the importance of obtaining flood insurance. Those articles are no longer available, which magnifies my concerns. What else are we being set up for?!?

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

"As California copes with a third year of drought, federal officials are trying to avoid spilling water over the top of Friant Dam at nearly full Millerton Lake. Millerton probably will fill and possibly spill excess water this week while many major reservoirs remain below 70% of capacity. The reason: Millerton is too small to capture the San Joaquin River’s spring runoff even in a relatively dry year, say area water experts."

Full article ~~~> Click: Millerton nearly full despite drought: Water officials say that’s deceptive considering the reservoir’s too small 5/18/09

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

KFSN (KFSN) -- "Thousands of valley homeowners are now finding themselves in the middle of flood hazard areas.

The federal government has revamped their flood maps relabeling entire communities like Laton and Riverdale, Firebaugh and Mendota as not protected from the type of flooding that occurs every 100 years.

The levees protecting those communities are weakening over time.

Hurricane Katrina forced the government to take a second look at their flood maps. People now living within the flood hazard zones may be forced to purchase more insurance."


"In 2006 water from Millerton Lake spilled over Friant Dam after a record snow pack melted. The valley witnessed weak levees breaking and causing widespread flooding."

"Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea expects lenders to force their homeowners to buy flood insurance."

Full article ~~~> Click: Flood Concerns for Valley Homeowners 12/22/08

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Also be prepared for more broken pipes as the cold weather approaches. The City of Fresno is constantly reminding property owners that THEY are liable to maintain the pipes. But they refuse to address how structures are setting on top of clamped lines - something that entailed major reconstruction, yet no building permits or inspections on record. Swieso's altered records allow the City of Fresno to deny all knowledge and/or responsibility.

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Again, I urge you to look at my page to see what has taken place and the danger residents are in. Click: Marla

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fresno Title Companies Altering Parcel Maps

Secret altering of the central valley water system began 50 yrs ago. Parcel by parcel, block by block, whether in-between sales, under the guise of "renovations", while the property owners are being poisoned or sick/hospitalized, or blatantly murdered (all taking place to carry this out) ~ every structure ends up setting on top of the new water system. Instead of permits or inspections, public records are altered to cover up the evidence of cities being torn apart and rebuilt on top of this new water system.

The operation entails removal of various structures; expansion of others. Example:

Naturally, all property lines end up different.

Therefore, new deeds must be prepared, to make it appear that things have always been this way. Done at the title companies. Earlier records are "no longer available."

Fresno title companies are also (knowingly) recording forged and fraudulent legal documents. They even conspire in fraudulent financing information on new deeds.

With disclosure laws kicked aside, buyers remain oblivious of the fraud and deceit.

All structures have been rebuilt; many without permits or inspections, entailing massive building / safety / health / environmental code violations.
All structures are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines, which the property owner is held liable to maintain.

All utility poles have been replaced / relocated / reconnected. But not by PG&E - notice all the additional poles everywhere, so many poles they are now standing in the middle of sidewalks, creating more and more ADA violations. With PG&E's records altered, there is no record for any of this either. The "People Watchers" (linked to Wilbert G. Swieso, self-proclaimed mastermind behind the entire operation) are behind this - boasting of hidden cameras inside of homes, offices and motels. They say this allows them to keep everyone closely monitored (including tapped phones, hacked computers) in order to continue the operation without leaving witnesses or complaints. Some of them talk of bypassing alarm systems (also connected to the poles) and a technique entailing "gassing through vents" which allows them to rob, rape, switch medications, even kill - laughing that no one will ever catch them or figure it out.

Biggest and most corrupt operation is taking place in the central valley. Secret water diversion.

For pictures and more information ~~~> Click: Marla

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facts behind the unsolved William Polzin murder

CLICK: Marla

Fresno, CA

Despite a reward for information pertaining to the unsolved murder of William Polzin, the City of Fresno nor their Detective Ledbetter would allow the information.

I am referring to the same group, same motive, same lies regarding the suspected homicides of my family members and attempted murder of me, 1/2-block to the east.

I am referring to the same group, same motive, same lies regarding the suspected homicides of my neighbors another 25' to the east.

I am referring to the same group behind accompanying fraudulent and forged legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies.

The group I am referring to includes the City of Fresno's risk analyst who lied and set my family and neighbors up for annihilation prior to having our properties seized by fraud; rebuilt on top of the city's secretly replaced water system; re-sold by more fraud on deeds reflecting the altered property lines.

Not expecting any witnesses to be left behind, this same risk analyst lied about the widening of Olive Ave., relocation of street lights, storm drains, fire hydrants, utility poles. Using altered records and "planted" neighbors as "credible witnesses" that none of this took place!

I am referring to the same "planted" neighbors who lied about what took place before, during and after the murder of William Polzin. Including their participation in the preparations for what ensued! They moved around the corner and repeated the process.

I am referring to the same estate attorney for William Polzin, who conspired in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties and the mother of another deceased gentleman across the street; the attorney fled after being reported to CA BAR Assn., never to be seen again. (I do not believe he was a legitimate attorney - he was the ringleader's partner; they "shared" clients and this is his "secret sideline!")

I am referring to a portion of this group's ongoing trail of more fraudulent/forged (verified by licensed handwriting expert) legal documents and suspected homicides.

I know first hand that this is how the "path is cleared" for the secret replacement of the city water system.

Guess who had his senior risk analyst commit perjury to call me a "liar" about this group poisoning me as my family's properties and my home were gutted and rebuilt on top of corroded, clamped sewer and water lines, etc.

THIS IS BEHIND THE MURDERS OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS WHICH ALAN AUTRY AND HIS SR. RISK ANALYST PROHIBITED FROM EVEN BEING REPORTED! They refuse reports, which allow them to continue calling their victim a "liar" because "no report is on record." THEY DO NOT ALLOW REPORTS. THEY DO NOT ALLOW FACTS BEHIND UNSOLVED MURDERS. Instead, they lie and issue death threats and sexual harassment. They and/or their mob continue stalking, monitoring and sabotaging all my attempts to seek help.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Worst environmental disaster in US history

CLICK: Marla

May 26, 2009

"According to Americas Watchdog, "We are witnessing the absolute worst environmental disaster in US history, and the best the Obama Administration can do is a blah, blah, blah federal response on the web site of the US Consumer Products Safety Commission?

This is the same Obama that mocked the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina? Where is the change?" The group says, "100,000's of US homeowners in Florida, the entire Southeast, Texas, and nationwide who own a home with toxic Chinese drywall; now own a home worth zero, and face potentially life threatening medical implications." Homeowners who suspect they have toxic Chinese drywall in their homes can contact the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or visit their web site for more information at http://chinesedrywallcomplaintcenter.com/

(PRWEB) May 26, 2009 -- According to Americas Watchdog, "its high time for President Obama, & the US Congress to embrace a national disaster involving 100,000's of US homes, that contain toxic Chinese drywall.

We need to treat the US toxic Chinese drywall disaster like a natural disaster, and a meaningful federal response is long overdue." Americas Watchdog says, "the homeowners in Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Iowa, and other states who have toxic drywall in their homes, now have a home worth zero; so many, to most may just walk away from their homes, and more importantly, they face potentially lethal long term health affects due to exposure, and they are all innocent victims." Homeowners wishing to learn more about the symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall should visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at http://chinesedrywallcomplaintcenter.com/

Continued below ....

CLICK: Americas Watchdog Demands A Massive Federal Response To Toxic Chinese Drywall In 100,000's Of US Homes & For The Sick People Who Live In Them

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~


There is no easy way to fix the damage caused by the defective drywall. In most cases, owners of homes where the toxic drywall was installed are forced to move out, gut their homes to remove the toxic materials, and rebuild the interiors of the homes with new drywall before moving back in. All personal property inside the home that may have been contaminated by the sulfur gases must also be replaced. The Sulfur emissions may also cause extensive electrical damage. Corrosion of air-conditioning units and wiring has been linked to Chinese drywall. Residents in homes built with the defective drywall have also reported suffering from respiratory problems, nose bleeds, coughing, and irritation of sinuses, eyes and throats.

Prompt action is important. With many builders and developers filing for bankruptcy protection or closing their doors, a delay in asserting your claim may limit your recourse against the builders that installed the defective materials or their suppliers.

Continued below ....

CLICK: Florida Class Action Lawsuit

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~


"It is estimated that this drywall has been placed in over 3,000,000 new homes and that is a conservative estimate from what I have been told!"

Is Toxic Chinese Drywall in your home?

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~


Countless property owners in CA central valley may have been affected by this toxic drywall ~ far more than just new homes.

Reconstruction is taking place in-between sales, without permits or inspections ~ behind secret replacement of the water system. Since moisture is the problem, this would magnify an already hazardous situation taking place.

Example: Fresno and Clovis now setting on top of haphazardly-clamped sewer and water lines such as shown below:

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Verified by this unaltered sewer layout, which former Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analysts commit perjury to deny ~ followed by death threats if I continue to expose this.

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For the sake of your family members and yourself, have your home inspected and if necessary, pursue accordingly.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CA Central Valley ~ creating mold lawsuits / ins claims

CLICK: Marla

The City of Fresno and their fake work crew have not only left the city/valley setting
on top of haphazardly-clamped sewer / water lines, which property owners are
unknowingly being held responsible to maintain, they are loosening these clamps
on various parcels to create mold lawsuits and insurance claims; in some cases,
having insurance canceled with the owner losing everything.

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Others talk of unclamping these lines to urinate and/or inject poison into the lines. Trail of illness, death, suspected homicide, forged and fraudulent legal documents. These methods are used to not only steal property but to "clear the path" for the City to continue replacing the water system without the public's knowledge.

The City of Fresno does not tolerate reports ~ after annihilating my family and neighbors to pull this off, they issued a Restraining Order against me, calling me a "liar." They even deny their own street widening, relocation of street lights, storm drains, fire hydrants, utility poles.
Their own sewer layout verifies what they did, which in turn, makes the Restraining Order public documentation of the very fraud and corruption they have spent 50+/- yrs trying to cover up.

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Hence the ongoing death threats and sexual harassment linked to Alan Autry, who
authorized the Restraining Order in an attempt to prevent this from being exposed.

Free Image Hosting

The deaths and murders are being covered up, including the unsolved
Polzin murder across the street when this was done to his property.
Despite the evidence of properties taken by fraud ~ that, too, is being covered up.
That allowed Alan Autry's group to return to further burglarize, vandalize, rape me
and kill my pets ~ again, calling me a "liar." The crime is reporting this ~ they
do not leave witnesses behind.
The death threats and horrors continue.

All of this is behind upcoming water diversion ~ development beyond Friant / Madera.
This was the method they devised to get around the water rules and regulations
that have prevented development in that area.
See my page to learn more about this barbaric operation. CLICK: Marla

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Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
aka: Bubba Skinner "Heat of the Night" 1988-1995