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Fresno / CA Central Valley - Flood insurance recommended

Freeway 41, which goes down the center of Fresno, CA was built in 1981. It was designed to double as a water channel should Friant Dam ever flood.

See my page for a recap of the secret water diversion operation that began decades ago, leaving Fresno and surrounding cities setting on top of a replaced water system, haphazardly clamped together. Click: Marla

No one oversees Public Works - there appears to be no accountability within this department. This allows them to conspire with Mr. Swieso, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the water diversion operation. Behind their backs, however, Mr. Swieso has another work crew. He has tied in more to the city's portion, which they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT. He says the City of Fresno is too incompetent to ever catch or stop him. Mr. Swieso is running people off their property followed by unauthorized reconstruction. He changes property lines and has the parcel maps altered in escrow. He then has these illegally altered parcel maps presented to neighbors who are accused of their property "overlapping" and threatened with lawsuits if they do not rectify the problem at their expense! He is having utility poles relocated/reconnected. PG&E's records are then altered to make it appear that nothing changed, which is why there is no help. (There are witnesses to ALL of this taking place throughout town, besides me!)

Mr. Swieso says that this operation is behind the valley's water shortage - laughing that the public will never figure it out. Obviously he is right - click on the above link to see what he has done! He and his associate (Jeffry Winslow) both indicated this operation is linked to the water supply at Millerton / Friant Dam.

Mr. Swieso boasts of being braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking laws - including water laws and regulations that have prohibited development in the area where he planned to build his "dream home."

Mr. Winslow, on the other hand, carries on how this "secret water operation" will soon result in the water at the dam being raised, which will allow for piped water at the campgrounds located at his nearby resort (elev. 6,500'.) Click below to see how he helps "clear the path" so this operation can continue.

These people have not only destroyed our beautiful city and shoddily rebuilt it on top of a replaced water system without any permits, inspections or safety precautions, they are getting by with heinous crimes as they do it!

And guess who is behind them as it continues! No one is protecting residents from what is taking place.

In the past, I posted several articles pertaining to the possibility of Millerton's Friant Dam flooding - including the importance of obtaining flood insurance. Those articles are no longer available, which magnifies my concerns. What else are we being set up for?!?

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"As California copes with a third year of drought, federal officials are trying to avoid spilling water over the top of Friant Dam at nearly full Millerton Lake. Millerton probably will fill and possibly spill excess water this week while many major reservoirs remain below 70% of capacity. The reason: Millerton is too small to capture the San Joaquin River’s spring runoff even in a relatively dry year, say area water experts."

Full article ~~~> Click: Millerton nearly full despite drought: Water officials say that’s deceptive considering the reservoir’s too small 5/18/09

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KFSN (KFSN) -- "Thousands of valley homeowners are now finding themselves in the middle of flood hazard areas.

The federal government has revamped their flood maps relabeling entire communities like Laton and Riverdale, Firebaugh and Mendota as not protected from the type of flooding that occurs every 100 years.

The levees protecting those communities are weakening over time.

Hurricane Katrina forced the government to take a second look at their flood maps. People now living within the flood hazard zones may be forced to purchase more insurance."


"In 2006 water from Millerton Lake spilled over Friant Dam after a record snow pack melted. The valley witnessed weak levees breaking and causing widespread flooding."

"Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea expects lenders to force their homeowners to buy flood insurance."

Full article ~~~> Click: Flood Concerns for Valley Homeowners 12/22/08

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Also be prepared for more broken pipes as the cold weather approaches. The City of Fresno is constantly reminding property owners that THEY are liable to maintain the pipes. But they refuse to address how structures are setting on top of clamped lines - something that entailed major reconstruction, yet no building permits or inspections on record. Swieso's altered records allow the City of Fresno to deny all knowledge and/or responsibility.

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Again, I urge you to look at my page to see what has taken place and the danger residents are in. Click: Marla

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