Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shhhh …. it’s a secret ( Fresno, CA)

Can you solve this mystery? How could a narrow street be widened without cutting back the street-lined properties? For instance, see below:

I’m not sure a team of scientists could solve this puzzle. So before I explain, look this diagram over very carefully so you will understand and be able to follow how this was accomplished.

Back in the 70s or 80s, a fire resulted in removal of a structure which was located toward the other end of the block (not shown here.) Yet there is no empty lot - no sign that the house ever existed! Removal of that parcel allowed for the remaining structures to be shifted down in a ripple effect, altering the property lines along the way. With disclosure laws not being complied with and plat and parcel maps altered in escrow, new owners remain oblivious. Finally, the last parcels to be shifted down were the ones lining the street - done when the street was widened!

Widening the street entailed relocation of sewer manholes, water meters and water lines, etc. See the new measurements for sewer manholes below.

Now go back to the first diagram and look at the lot that measures 50′. Same sewer layout below - red ‘x’ shows where the sewer vent is located on this parcel = 198′ or in more simple terms - 2′ from the property line. At least that is where it was located for over 60 yrs. Look below - the sewer vent is now 10′ from the property line.

So at this point, you can see that none of the parcels are standing as they were when originally built. The problem is that none of this was authorized, which is why there are no permits or inspections on record for any of it. Massive building, environmental, health and safety code violations, not to mention soil, air and water pollution.

Obviously, this operation entails completely reconnecting/realigning all of the overhead and underground utilities. Also done without permits or inspections. PG&E has NO record of their poles being altered or relocated. They have no record of the easements that were closed as their poles were relocated into the alley. Altering their records and transferring the numbers on the poles is all it takes to leave them oblivious as well.
Here is a close look at some of the “new” sewer and water lines that are left clamped together beneath 6″-8″ of soil and/or cement.

That’s right folks - from one end of town to the other. Is it any wonder the City of Fresno continually reminds property owners that THEY are responsible for the maintenance of sewer and water lines on their property? Including the ones that were switched with corroded lines as shown above. To this day, no one has ever figured it out.

As this is being carried out, it results in discharging of infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage. Rather than give any warning or chance to protect one’s self or belongings, the city risk analyst is sent out to LIE about the cause - the trail of illness, infections, amputation and death are disregarded, because ALL of this is being carried out illegally. In some cases, people are being run off their property in order to pull this off! Some of whom are never seen again - followed by forged deeds (verified by a licensed handwriting expert.)

To merely ask the City of Fresno for help and/or answers results in being told, “Too bad - that is private property.” And I say - “Bullshit! It is connected to FELONY ALTERING OF CITY PROPERTY!” The public is entitled to answers; we are entitled to be safe. There is no record for any of this taking place! Done without permits or inspections - endangering the lives of all residents.

The Dept. of Public Works conspires with a former employee in carrying out this barbaric operation. The accompanying destruction and haphazard patching to private properties has left the city in shambles. This clamped nightmare goes beneath entire structures, which explains the jackhammers during so-called “renovations.” This explains why there are no old, well-established lawns anymore. It explains why there are no older records of Fresno. Most importantly, it shows the lies and total disrespect for every resident of Fresno.

BONUS: Can you imagine what happens when one of these clamps is loosened. Have you ever heard of “planted” tenants who file mold lawsuits and mold insurance claims? Did you know that various insurance agents conspire in cancellation and non-renewal of coverage as mold and/or damages consume property - resulting in foreclosure, bankruptcy or lawsuits that result in the property owner losing everything they worked lifetimes for. Did you know that estate planners are also involved in this? Conspiring with corrupt attorney/s in preparation of fraudulent legal documents? And the group who refer to themselves as “people watchers” - linked to the felony altering of utility poles to line back up to these altered structures. Illegal rewiring appears to entail some extreme violation of privacy issues as well as a trail of burglaries, ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again, illegal conversion of assets, more. All behind felony altering of sewer, water and power lines.

Finished product for above parcels:

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