Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To the victims of David A. Silva, atty

LEARN THE TRUTH! He should have never been allowed to abandon and destroy more lives as he did.

David A. Silva, atty, was reported to the CA State BAR Assn. in 2004, for corruption, specifically, conspiring with Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC in preparation of fraudulent legal documents. Despite an Irrevocable Trust, Mr. Swieso was appointed, "Successor Trustee" of my family's properties He would fill that role if "something happened to me." Such as me being deemed "crazy" and/or "dead." As long as the chemicals continued being administered to me without my knowledge or consent, exploiting me for being "crazy" was being carried out beautifully over the years. Unbeknownst to me, preparations for my final departure were also underway. Click below - learn about the fraudulent insurance policy that covered "mental illness" - appointing Mr. Swieso, beneficiary - no one would have ever known the truth:

Mr. Silva and Mr. Swieso were partners - sharing clients back and forth "for all their estate planning needs." Behind their facade was an operation that entailed vacating private property in order to alter the sewer/water lines. Trail of ID theft, forged documents, illegal conversion of assets speaks for itself.

It was in 2004 when I finally got to the bottom of what had been done to my family members, our properties, belongings and me in order to pull this off. It was when I finally reported Mr. Silva to CA State Bar Assn. that he secretly closed up his office and absconded with clients' money and files, never to be seen again? At the very same time CA State Bar Assn. insisted that Mr. Silva had done nothing wrong or intentional, Mr. Silva packed up and fled!

Prior to Mr. Silva's "departure" he knew I had uncovered Winslow's fraudulent legal documents - he seemed scared. Did he panic when I later uncovered the bigger picture behind those documents? Felony altering of the city's sewer, water, and power systems, entailing massive destruction and horrors. Or did "something happen to him."

It was not expected I would survive this nightmare. My family's properties had been torn apart and haphazardly patched back together; assets distributed; all ties severed. Unfortunately, my survival has not been the "blessing" it first appeared to be. My reports are not wanted and in most cases, not allowed. Uncovering one of the biggest and most corrupt operations in the history of CA, has resulted in being sabotaged and discredited with every attempt to seek help or report this. My reports seem to backfire, making ME the criminal or the one in the wrong. Regardless that Mr. Silva's actions were linked to suspected homicide of my family members, loss of our properties, burglaries, VIN altering and attempted murder of me, reporting Mr. Silva was of no use. He was pardoned - the CA State BAR Assn. merely deemed his actions, "an accident - no harm done." Further correspondence was not even acknowledged. Mr. Silva was free to continue.

My neighbor on the east was targeted as well. Property dismantled and patched back together after sewer/water lines replaced in alley. This neighbor was never seen again - new deed looks forged; new owner is next door to Mr. Winslow (linked to verified forgeries and "missing" person/s.) Reporting Mr. Winslow's forgeries, bank fraud, and more - disregarded.

Neighbor across the street to the west was targeted in 1994, same group of people involved - same sewer/water line alterations and reconstruction/altering of property. William ("Bill") Wyatt Polizn - unsolved murder. Mr. Silva was the attorney who handled Mr. Polzin's estate. Public records also show Mr. Silva was the attorney who handled the estate of a mother of another deceased man across the street. Odd is that Mr. Silva is not even listed in directories. Who refers him to such clients?

Same group ("auction" people) behind Bill Polzin's deceased mother's estate, several years later. Including those who refer to themselves as "people watchers" (linked to the illegally altered/relocated utility poles) - trail of ID theft, "missing persons", illegal conversion of assets, etc. (No old documents or photographs left behind.) Same people linked to what was done to my "missing" neighbor as well as to my family, our properties, belongings and me.

Mr. Silva should have been stopped. He should have been investigated. I am still interested in having a signature comparison of Mr. Silva's - PRIOR TO 1989. Because I have a feeling that this man may not have been who/what he appeared to be. Perhaps Mr. Swieso would be kind enough to help us with that? After he helps out with the signatures on deeds to my neighbor's property - including the earlier signatures that do not line up - linked to someone else behind this operation. During the time of a family tragedy.

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