Thursday, May 22, 2008

From rags to riches in Fresno, CA (Real estate theft operation)

Take a look at one man's journey.

Prior to meeting Lora, Jeffry C. Winslow lived with his mother in an apartment. He owned nothing and was in debt. Listed in public records, here are just a few of the liens against Jeffry:

Today, Jeffry is living in a million-dollar home on 5 acres, near Table Mountain. Lora, who Jeffry described as very wealthy, has not been seen in years. Photos of Lora, found online. (No comment.)

Jeffry and his associate, Wilbert G. Swieso, had plans of taking over my family's properties by fraud as well. Wilbert conspired in the fraudulent legal documents, appointing himself, "Successor Trustee" while Jeffry danced and sang that I would be meeting Lora, "in another world." It was an accident I got away before that meeting took place.

I decided to do some investigating regarding my suspicions about Jeffry. In public records, I gathered up some signatures on legal documents. The 2 on the upper right were on the bank loan for the home on Gold Rush Lane, which Jeffry now owns as a "single man." Accomplished by deeding the property to himself - verified as forged. Then he refinanced it!!! Where is Lora? Not someone claiming to be Lora or more scanned photos to make it appear that all is well - WHERE IS LORA? The REAL Lora?

In an ongoing quest to find Lora, I found this document. Since it has a fingerprint, could this document be used / matched up to Lora's fingerprint?
Answer: No - this the forgery mentioned above! Verified.

I really wanted to locate Lora - I wanted to let her know that her mother's signatures appear to have been forged prior to her death, putting assets into a Trust for later distribution.

Further research shows a document distributing the mother's assets after her death in 1999. What a coincidence! This is the same estate attorney who prepared the first fraudulent legal documents for MY family's properties!
Future documents go on to add Lora, then the 3 siblings sell. This is the other verfied forgery mentioned in the letter above - this piece of property belonged to the step-father.
By this point, it was clear that locating Lora was not likely going to happen. So I decided to contact one of the sisters, Sammie. Jeffry used to obsess over Sammie's beautiful home - he wanted to own that too.
I was taken back by Sammie's nasty attitude when I called her home - she did not even allow me to tell her what I had uncovered. Why. Suspecting something was wrong, I dug a little deeper. This is Sammie's signature - not verified one way or the other.

The story and links continue - straight to the Laundromat located across the alley from me, where the owner "vanished" after being targeted by Jeffry, Wilbert and the city of Fresno's risk analyst - same time I had been targeted.
Another coincidence? Not only does the signature on the new deed to the Laundromat look like the same one I saw Wilbert forge on an insurance application (I saw him forge many), the new owner of the Laundromat lives next door to Jeffry! And of course, the new deed reflects the illegally revised property lines.

Like I said - I narrowly got away before joining Lora, "in another world."

This is only 1 man's story of how he went from rags-to-riches. There are more. Outside of Fresno, CA, an operation like this might be considered real estate theft, suspected homicide, etc. But because it intertwines with felony altering of the city's sewer, water and power infrastructure, it is covered up. Reporting it is the crime.


Marla said...

Check out the facts behind the Laundromat next door to me - including the names:

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Now check out the unsolved murder that took place 1 block to the west:

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Pictures in this blog keep disappearing. CLICK HERE: Winslow's Rags-to-Riches

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UPDATE! 5/3/2013 Per Lora Winslow’s daughter (online), Lora is alive and well. As for “alleged” forged and/or fraudulent legal documents – refusal to discuss.