Monday, April 7, 2008

Update: David A. Silva, atty DISBARRED


Member No. 149506

Case No.
04-O-15710; 05-O-00146
05-O-00344; 05-O-02612

This is the attorney who conspired with Wilbert G. Swieso, in preparing fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties, appointing Mr. Swieso "Successor Trustee" despite an Irrevocable Trust. Upon being caught, Mr. Silva claimed he did not remember why we met. Odd, since I was working next door to him at the time, for his associate, Mr. Swieso. These 2 gentlemen were actively attending Estate Planning meetings, soliciting elderly clients, sharing them back and forth for all their "estate planning needs."

Reporting Mr. Silva to the CA State Bar became another nightmare - they had the audacity to repond by stating that it was an "accident, no harm done" because my family and I still owned our properties. In reality, we lost our properties and much worse as a result of the fraud and corruption. All very deliberate and intentional. Further reports to CA BAR were not even acknowledged. (Sound familiar?) Instead of stopping these gentlemen and exposing their operation, they were allowed to continue. Coincidence or not, it was while I was reporting Mr. Silva, he packed up his office, never to be seen again! Because Mr. Silva was not stopped or investigated, he was allowed to destroy even more lives. To this day, I do not believe he was who /what he claimed to be - why wasn't his associate's involvement looked into; especially since it leads to more fraud, corruption and suspected homicide!

For copy of David Silva's disciplinary papers click on the link below:

Scroll to bottom of page - click on "description"

RECAP: I met Mr. Silva when I was re-hired by Wilbert G. Swieso. At that time, I was told that the reason for the attorneys in the office next door moving down the hallway was due to needing more room. Mr. Silva, they said, decided to maintain the office by himself. His name was then painted on the door and I became his victim, courtesy of Mr. Swieso, who convinced me that if I did not have certain legal papers drawn up, my siblings were going to leave me homeless. In reality, the Trust needed to end and assets distributed, however, due to the condition I was being kept in, Mr. Swieso had taken charge of all. He reminded me over and over how my siblings had not helped take care of family and were therefore not deserving of my life insurance policy, which he suggested I appoint him beneficary of. Again, I followed his instructions.

When I asked how and when Mr. Silva went from a bankruptcy attorney to an estate planning attorney I was told, "don't worry about it." Further instructed not to argue - just sign the papers, which appointed Mr. Swieso, "Successor Trustee" to my family's estate properties, despite an Irrevocable Trust. (Same when I asked why Mr. Swieso lied on an insurance application - stating I worked for another company, out of town, appointing himself beneficiary - "just sign it!") As my health and behavior began to worsen, I was being exploited as "crazy." No one would question this man's motives nor would they ever know of the fraud behind it. In short, I got away right before he finished what he started.

With suspicions of "missing persons" behind Mr. Swieso's operation, I began to research and uncovered fraudulent and forged legal documents (verified by a handwriting expert) of people never seen again. Somehow thinking that Mr. Silva would come to his senses if I provided this information to him, I showed him what I uncovered. He said nothing - he looked scared. Shortly after that is when I began to uncover the fraud and corruption behind all this - felony altering of the city sewer and water system. Coincidence or not, it was near that time Mr. Silva packed up and vanished.

As devastating as this has been to Mr. Silva's clients, I believe there are still some unanswered questions pertaining to Mr. Silva and what he and Mr. Swieso were running. Without the chemicals in my system, I "see" what I did not "see" in the past. Such as an attorney in an office that was practically bare - no sign of a licensed attorney. He nor his secretary were notaries - they did not even know there was a notary 4 doors down the hall! How did they run a legal office without a notary? Upon contacting the office where the other attorneys had relocated, the person who answered the telephone had never heard of Mr. SIlva. Upon sending an email to one of the attorneys at that office, his response also indicated no knowledge of Mr. Silva. With evidence of various people disappearing, and others stepping in to take over their identities, I began to have more questions regarding this man - where did he come from? Was he legitimate? I looked in some old telephone directories for Mr. Silva's listing ... I found NONE. I looked online for reference to Mr. Silva's legal occupation - I found only 1 - listed as a
"bankruptcy" attorney, not an "estate planning" attorney.

Click on images to enlarge:

I vaguely remember Mr. Swieso mentioning Mr. Silva's involvement with a disability program due to a handicaped son? Would that have anything to do with Mr. Silva's links to the organizations below? I do not know, as my search led to dead ends.

My point is that something is very wrong with this entire picture. How many other clients did Swieso and Silva "service" together in the manner they did my family. Where is Silva - why can't he be located? Is he still alive? Or has he followed the same pattern that appears to have been done to others. Do his signatures prior to 1989 match later signatures?

Despite being angry over what Mr. Silva did to me, the man has family - concern over their safety and welfare is an issue not being addressed. Repeat - something is horribly wrong with this picture. No one invests years of study and hard work to become an attorney, to end up like this.

As many times as I have attempted to provide this information (and more) to CA State BAR Assn., it does not appear that I am successful. You would be doing each of his victims named in the paperwork as well as countless others a great favor if you would kindly forward this information to CA State BAR Assn. Please.

Simply print a copy of this and send to:

The State Bar of California
Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, Intake Unit
1149 S. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299


Marla said...

David A. Silva, atty conspired with WIlbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC in fraudulent legal documents. To date there has been no investigation into the clients they shared "for all their estate planning needs." In this case, not only was Mr. Silva the estate attorney for Bill Polzin, I saw his name linked to the deceased mother of another deceased person (around the corner from Bill Polzin) - more links to this operation. Copy and paste link below:

Evil Esquire said...

The Office of the Disciplinary Counsel of the State Bar of California are useless. They investigate only a small percentage of complaints. They intentionally misinterpret complaints to frustrate victims.

Because of the cost they rarely, if ever, investigate large law firms. They could refer complaints to other agencies but don't.

I reported fraud, money laundering, extortion, bribing judicial officials to the head of the white collar crime division of the DOJ in San Francisco. What did he do? Quit the DOJ and began representing the same individuals I reported to him as engaging in this activity. The CalBar has done nothing!



Marla said...

In my case CA BAR simply blew me off by stating, "it was an accident, no harm done." I lost everything including my family; the hell has still not ended. Everywhere I turn, another dead end. We don't know the truth about those who claim to help victims, until help is needed.
Been looking at your page - what a nightmare. People getting by with such blatant and horrific criminal acts - I honest to god cannot understand this.

Marla said...