Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you believe property insurance will protect you from the horrors?

This is a copy of the comment I just posted on my previous blog. Click: Swieso's infamous "rotation system" comes full circle 11/23. It is an example of how Principal Insurance's "top agent" services his clients while funding his secret water diversion operation explained on my page. Click: Marla

Learn how insurance agents (and realtors) conspire in robbing and seizing control of their client's properties and assets. Keep in mind that the mold problem mentioned below was the result of Swieso having the newly-clamped water lines loosened, covered in cement in order to create the problem.

Not mentioned here is one of Mr. Swieso's techniques in "helping" his confused clients obtain Long Term Care insurance before they "forget" to pay their premium. Always there to help, he is licensed in "reverse mortage."

Be sure to read my previous blog so you get the full picture.

My monthly property insurance premium statements for my family's 2 commercial properties arrived by mail - promptly paid.

Upon renewal, the premium changed somewhat. Suddenly, I stopped receiving the monthly billings. Not wanting to be an inconvenience, I continued making payments online ~ unfortunately, in the wrong amount. Surely I would be contacted if there was a problem, but that is not how this worked out. It was at this time, my property insurance agent began sending MY BUSINESS to SWIESO'S office, despite repeated requests to STOP! In time, due to a few dollars discrepancy in my monthly payments, rather than contact me a 30-day notice was sent. I never saw it.

Then came the CANCELLATION NOTICE! Ron Lamm, my property insurance agent (as well as his secretary) REFUSED to assist; then they refused to acknowledge me. Clearly, their focus was on accommodating Mr. Swieso regarding MY ACCOUNT.

It was at this time, mold began consuming 1 of the 2 structures; the tenant told me he feared the wall would collapse. Of course it would ~ without insurance, he could then sue and own all, just as Mr. Swieso's group boasts of doing to others.

Now look at the entire message pertaining to my property insurance premium, where you will see the bigger picture as described in the above blog. Keep in mind that by this point, I had quit working for Mr. Swieso. I mention that because he actually delivered this memo from MY insurance agent, in person, because he "knew it was important." AND HE KNEW I WAS NOT RECEIVING THE INFORMATION! I was being by-passed as this man had once again, taken control OF MY AFFAIRS behind my back.

The policy had been CANCELLED with no chance for reinstatement. This is a beautiful example of how Mr. Swieso, while in the midst of destroying me, STILL wanted recognition as the innocent, caring and concerned "friend." He wanted to be THANKED for his help and concern. Once again wanting to be seen for all his "help" when in fact, HE was the very cause behind this.

At this point, I still did not know the legal documents were fraudulent, but I finally realized that Mr. Swieso had set out to destroy me.

And it was also clear that without property insurance coverage, the tenant, who Mr. Swieso was involved in from the very beginning, was trouble. This is why Swieso coerced me into renting to this man. This is why the"planted" tenant made it clear from day 1, he wanted to buy the buildings when I got "ready" to sell them. Escrow dragged out for 1 yr because no one would tell me about the fraudulent legal documents.

In the end, the new deeds to the properties entailed illegally revised parcel maps to match the new property lines. And fraudulent financing information ~ this explains why both realtors not only lied about the value of the properties but refused to help or look into my claims that I was sure the buyer did not qualify and there was fraud taking place. They had me pinned into a corner ~ either cooperate or lose everything, including my home behind these 2 properties.

As I have said all along, it was not intended that I would still be alive. With the fraudulent legal documents appointing Mr. Swieso, "Successor Trustee" of these properties ~ and my final departure underway, this is only 1 example of how Swieso is "acquiring" property and funding his "secret sideline."

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Marla said...

More reconstruction of the very building that was consumed with mold - new north and east walls, set back a few more inches followed by updated aerial views as though things were always as they are now.