Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fresno's real estate scam

May I interest you in some property located in Fresno's Historic Tower District? Where homes were built to last forever?

50-yr water diversion cover up exposed. Entire city has been rebuilt on top of a secretly-replaced water system. Nothing standing as it was when originally built - public records altered to cover up reconstruction without permits or inspections, on top of clamped sewer and water lines - no permits or inspections.

No record for the street widening, tree pulling, cutting back front lawns - narrowing alleys to compensate for what was cut off front lawns.

Garages at end of alleys rebuilt, extended into the alley, to make it appear that alleys were always this narrow.

Utility poles relocated from back yard easements into alley; more poles added to ends of blocks! No record for any of this.

Duplexes turned into single homes. Various structures removed; others expanded and/or shifted down in a "ripple effect." No record for any of this.


Directly north (next door) to the above

Around the corner

Directly west

Continuing down Olive Ave.

Directly east of the above.

Directly across the street - also on Olive

More street widening

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