Friday, March 19, 2010

Victims or Co-conspirators? MY OWN SIBLINGS!!

Ralph is my brother. Notice Mary Pat, circled in red.

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Mary Pat is one of my brother's "best friends" from the 70s. Coincidence? She is the long-time masseuse at Jeffry Winslow's resort in the mountains! It was there, she was putting Jeffry's "special powder" in smoothies, which left me sick, in pain, in bed all day.

Back in 2002, Mary Pat used to tell me about all the times she was in my house ~ she further carried on and on about my mother's death. (I only met her in 2000 and invited her in my house 1 time, for 5 min.) Mary Pat's associate/s were/are linked to what was taking place at the Laundromat next door during the time of my mother's death ~ an investigation has STILL not been done. Click: More info re: Laundromat

Recap of Jeffry Winslow, who boasts of 40+/- yrs behind the secret water diversion operation. He is one of the last ones to be poisoning me ~ the one who said he would be taking my family and neighbor's properties as I was scheduled to meet the others, "in another world." Same person who implied responsibility for having my handicapped uncle's gold-filled teeth removed prior to his death! Click: Winslow's rags-to-riches

My younger sister's name is on a deed linked to JAE's lady friend. (Copy of deed on my other computer.) JAE was poisoning and filming me with hidden cameras back in the 80s, which from what I understand, was added to my portfolio presented by my older sister when severing more ties to me back in 2002 for what ws coming ~ the secret water diversion operation.

JAE is linked to my neighbors who lied about the "unsolved" 1994 Polzin murder as it took place on his property. Click: Letter to Mr. Polzin's daughter JAE is mentioned in an earlier blog regarding my "TMJ" / or "broken jaw" incident. Click: Implants / tracking devices

Why me? I was left as the signature on the properties needing to be "vacated" in order to carry out the secret water diversion operation. My siblings were paid off BIG TIME. They served their purpose ~ next, they will be rotated out, as those before them appear to have been. In fact it has been implied that 2 of the 3 are already dead. (If not, they will be. As Jeffry says, "After you get rid of the first one, the rest are easy." He described this very pattern taking place in the link above ~ same group.)

All of these people are linked to Wilbert G. Swieso, self-proclaimed mastermind of the 50-yr secret water diversion operation. Mr. Swieso conspired in the fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties, appointing himself "Successor Trustee" as well as fraudulent insurance policy appointing himself, "beneficiary." His (fake?) attorney was the estate attorney for murdered William Polzin, across the street. (Swieso and Silva had offices next door to one another ~ they "shared clients.")

Much more. What a loving and beautiful group this is, eh?

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