Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresno residents in extreme danger

Reports of poisonings, burglaries, killings prohibited when linked to City of Fresno's secret water diversion operation. Naturally, facts behind unsolved murders not wanted/allowed either.

WARNING: Targeted property owners are being annihilated in order to "clear the path."

Evidence shows pre-meditated murders behind secret water diversion operation.


No warning or notice regarding the widening of Olive Ave. (Tower Dist.) Odd, since it would require major reconstruction of street-lined properties. The only way to accomplish this without complaints was to carry it out one block at a time, eliminating property owners along the way.

Aside from the blatant murders down Olive Ave. as the street was being widened, another method was being used to eliminate property owners.

Before continuing, keep in mind that the City of Fresno not only prohibits facts behind these unsolved murders, suspected homicides and/or attempted murder, they now DENY widening Olive Ave.!!!

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This method is being used to "clear the path" so properties can be torn up and rebuilt without permits or inspections on top of the City's secretly replaced water system.

The water system is being replaced section at a time. As this takes place, targeted victims are deliberately and intentionally exposed to raw sewage discharges. (Deadly pathogens are airborne + waterborne.) City risk analyst lies to victims about the cause of sewage back spills, demanding a "release for clean-up." Time and again this happens until victim/s become ill, contract infections, diseases, and die. "Release for clean-up" is then used as non-responsibility for deaths, theft and/or destruction / reconstruction of property.

A beautiful plan because until now, no one has survived long enough to expose this heinous operation, let alone dig past the altered records which verify one of the most gruesome operations in history.

Altered public records (parcel maps + aerial views) to make it appear that nothing ever took place verifies the lies of the City risk analyst i.e., cause behind sewage back spills, denial of street widening, changes in property lines, willful + malicious destruction of private properties, unauthorized relocation/reconnection of PG&E's utilities, more.
Lies behind the risk analyst show that the illnesses, deaths were pre-meditated. Clearly, the victim would have to die in order for the operation to continue.
Forged, fraudulent legal documents and insurance policies of these dead victims magnify evidence that all of this was/is premeditated.
Perjury by risk analyst to deny ALL THE ABOVE EVER TAKING PLACE, verifies the entire nightmare very carefully planned and set up.

The City of Fresno does NOT tolerate reports. They do not tolerate survivors / witnesses. Hence the ongoing horrors and death threats against me.

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Bonus: The City of Fresno also demonstrated how to use these clamped water lines to create mold lawsuits / insurance claims. In some cases, "planted" tenants end up owning the property!

Longtime estate planner, Wilbert Swieso, claims to be the mastermind behind all of this, boasting that no one will ever catch or stop him. See how he carries this out behind offers to his elderly insurance clients of "help with home repairs." Click on link: Why do so many people have to die!?!

According to Mr. Swieso, he has tied his own water scam into the City's water operation. He says they are too "incompetent" to ever figure it out. THAT is how he remains protected, which in turn, leaves the rest of the public in great danger.

Others are learning the technique. Take a good look and see that after 50 yrs of this, all structures are now setting on top of clamped sewer/water lines. It appears that a mere screwdriver is all it takes to get by with murder ~ cannot be traced?

Reminder: Not only are these rebuilt structures being re-sold as "original", beware that property taken by fraud and re-sold by more fraud appears to be another death trap. We can no longer trust title companies ~ this is where the fraudulent legal documents are being recorded as parcel maps altered to make it appear that nothing changed.

For more information click HERE.

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