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City of Fresno targeted Down's syndrome victim

This pertains to my handicapped uncle described in earlier blogs. My precious, innocent, loving uncle was born with Down's syndrome and spent the last 5 1/2 yrs of his life totally bedridden.

Due to the theft of nearly everything I owned, I did not think I had any pictures of Rolf. So although what I found is limited, these photographs are enough to convey the message of what I have been trying to get across for so long.

Rolf was born a happy and healthy baby ~ he was filled with nothing but pure love and joy. (I no longer have his baby books or photo albums throughout the years - this photo was taken when he was young.)

Skipping a few decades, below are some photos of Rolf 1991 - the end, in 1999.

Rolf teasing Dave with a wig. (Yes, Dave, I know about you that long ago, including the stove.)

Below, pet white rat in Rolf's lap.  Rolf's first time to pet it - being very careful.  ;)


Rolf and Maggie.



In 1995, due to a bedsore, we began receiving Home Health services. All I can do is look back, recalling the pillaging of his pills and how he was denied an autopsy, which is why I wrote this blog ---> Click: Do not trust all Home Health agencies PLEASE! Please, also read this --> Medicare fraud | Prohibiting autopsy | Scanning / altering photos

Rolf's illnesses and infections began at the same time of that first sewage spill.  The City risk analyst came out and LIED ABOUT THE CAUSE - repeatedly deeming these events "negligence in sewer maintenance" when in fact the City water system was being secretly replaced, section at a time. Wall of our properties were being moved to pull this off.  Rolf soon developed Pseudomonas. The infections were never-ending. (Same with my neighbor - ongoing infections, deceased age 49.)


Photo below obtain from web site ~ looks identical to what the back of my uncle looked like ~ click on pic for information.

As Rolf's health continued to decline, so did mine. Unknown chemicals had turned me into a psychotic, nightmare, hysterical and out of my mind. From what I understand I was being filmed with hidden cameras ~ being set up for total annihilation. I was so far gone I did not realize what was taking place on our properties right under my nose.

You can see by the picture, Rolf's health was going downhill.


Rolf's hospitalizations left no one home as the reconstruction continued on all 3 of our properties.  Rolf's 2 properties (Olive Ave.) that were in an Irrevocable Trust, for Rolf's care. My home next door, behind Rolf's properties was also being torn apart - the chemicals left me oblivious.  This was behind the sewage spills - the underground utilities were being replaced, relocated, cross-connected.  Tenants "planted" to participate.  Ongoing hell and destruction, money needed for Rolf's escalating medical care, in addition to the ongoing damages was being poured into repairs i.e., $5,000 for central heating/air units that were switched with trash behind my back. Same with the awnings ~ all replaced, then stolen/switched with trash. Paint, new roof, windows, on and on. As this continued, Wilbert Swieso continued his plans of taking the properties over as his own ~ Rolf would have to die first.



Rolf's death (April 1999) coincided with this block of Olive Ave. being widened.  This is when Mr. Swieso re-hired me to work for him, which left no one home all day. The chemicals being administered to me continued, as the alterations of the properties escalated.  I was being catheterized while incapacitated during major reconstruction.  City of Fresno altered records to match the new layouts in order to deny anything had taken place - sabotaged my insurance claims so there would be no recourse - they could have nothing on record because behind all of this, the underground utilities had been cross-connected in preparation for an upcoming fire (our properties were located in the midst of many other fires behind this operation / water scam.)

I was a horrible mess as the chemicals continued.  I trusted Mr. Swieso and followed his advice.  He was determined to convince me that my siblings had set out to leave me homeless and I needed to put Rolf's properties into another Trust. I was so far gone I allowed this man to convince me this was legal when in fact, it was NOT! The new Trust appointed Mr. Swieso, "Successor Trustee" of these 2 properties. If I died (which was being planned), he would take over.

Still being administered chemicals without my knowledge, I had never been so sick or incapacitated.

Behind my back, Mr. Swieso was exploiting me as "crazy." Making himself appear as the concerned "friend" he enrolled me in a Long Term Care policy. No one knew it was fraudulent ~ in his own handwriting he wrote that I was employed by one of the nearby Water Districts (his Pension client) ~ appointing himself, "Beneficiary." When I asked him why, he demanded, "Just sign it!" In my condition, I did as instructed.

Behind my back he created a horrendous mold problem on Rolf's 2 properties via the cut water lines, at the same time conspiring with my property insurance agent in cancellation of coverage. Click: Do you believe insurance coverage will protect you from the horrors?

The "planted" tenant was going to sue and own all. By this point I had gotten away from Swieso and his mob ~ the chemicals had started to wear off. Trying desperately to seek replacement coverage was being intercepted and sabotaged ~ I had no choice but to sell.

One-year escrow because no one would tell me about the fraudulent legal documents. The next realtor also lied to me about the value of the properties - he was also "helping" the buyer (the tenant mentioned above.) Despite the buyer repeatedly telling me that his loan had been approved, even showing me the papers, I told the realtor something was wrong ~ this man could not possibly qualify to buy 1 building let alone both. I was told it was none of my business. I pled for help, saying I knew these properties were worth more money ~ I was prohibited from seeing the appraisal for the properties; cheated in excess $1 million.

New deeds provide more evidence that I was set up for elimination ~ the buyer never qualified for a loan. Because it was not intended that Mr. Swieso or his mob were going to pay ONE CENT. The new deeds not only entail altered parcel maps to cover up all the major reconstruction and new property lines that took place ~ fraudulent financing information, verified 3 x. The loan information on the deeds is FALSE ~ the buyer did not qualify for a loan; there was no loan. Because the plan was to take the properties by fraud, without paying 1 cent, using Swieso's fraudulent legal documents appointing him in charge after I died!

The new owner of my family's properties used the altered parcel maps to threaten me with a lawsuit ~ accusing me of infringing on his property and to get off at MY EXPENSE! I could get no help. My large driveway is now so narrow, a large vehicle will not fit in the driveway. Driveway next door doubled in size. Of course this mob needed me dead ~ they still need me off this final property! Despite the evidence and witnesses to what took place, the City of Fresno is using these altered parcel maps to call me a "liar" that any of this took place. They even deny that Olive Ave. was widened!!

So sure that I would not be alive, my home behind the 2 properties on Olive Ave. was also left a shambles, now setting on top of corroded, clamped sewer/water lines.

Once valued at $225,000 fully paid for ~ I now have a mortgage on a home that one contractor told me it is now worth $35,000. Robbed of everything I owned, poisoned, raped, implanted, pets killed, more. Again, property insurance sabotaged so no claim, no recourse for the damages or theft.

In an attempt to save what belongings remained I had a moving company pick up several truck loads and pay $325+/- per mo. I have been informed that everything in storage has been switched click: as done in my home. Add this expense to a mortgage, health insurance and all the other expenses. Left unemployable due to the years of poison and hidden cameras, in fear for my life as death threats continue ~ my life was not only completely destroyed, it is over. There is nothing left. As Swieso's partner told me, I will meet the others, "in another world."

CLICK ===>  Fresno - Local Van & Storage Moving Company

I spent more than 10 yrs as the sole care provider to my father (more suspected homicide not mentioned here - autopsy denied for him as well) and my handicapped uncle. Another 10 yrs fighting a losing battle. The City of Fresno will never allow the truth to be exposed ~ they used their risk analyst to set us up for what took place. They do not allow reports of crimes or even facts behind unsolved murders when linked to their water scam ~ that was proven when I tried to provide information behind the unsolved Polzin murder across the street. Bill Polzin was killed when this took place on his property ~ more altered records to cover up the evidence. Same "planted' neighbors were used to help with the preparations behind what took place on Polzin's property ~ then they denied all. They moved around the corner and repeated the process. Then moved next door and did it again. The death toll that accompanies this is horrific ~ no one sees beyond the smokescreen.

I loved my family and did everything I could to take care of them when they needed help. That is when we were targeted and wiped out. As if we had not been violated enough, behind my back one of my neighbors who was involved in what took place on my family's properties was framing ME for murdering my own family!!! At the same time denying that any of this took place. How is that for more misguided focus. This insanity speaks for itself. --> Click: Can no one see beyond the smokescreen?!?

As a former employee of Mr. Swieso (on 2 separate occasions) I saw this same pattern take place with countless others ~ from the sewage spills, illness, same home health personnel, death, forged/fraudulent insurance papers and legal documents. Yet reporting him and/or this nightmare turned out to be the biggest crime of all. We were not safe in our own homes.

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UPDATE:  Multi-million dollar cover-up ensued after exposing what took place here - because it ties into more atrocities.  Not only what was done to my earlier family members but those who participated and left dead after serving their purposes.  So many deaths as the torch continued being passed - so many altered records to cover up the water scam, very few people are even alive or still residing here from the 60s, when this began.

It began with  Click ===> The beautiful walnut tree


Marla said...

The photos are scrambled, but you get the idea. City of Fresno denies what they did to this man - the lies, the willful + malicious destruction of his properties - despite witnesses, they even committed perjury to deny their own street widening (Olive Ave.), relocation of utility poles, fire hydrants, etc. behind this nightmare.

Marla said...

They targeted me next. Robbed, raped, left for dead. Home torn apart / rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system (trash.) Altered records, perjury to deny – followed by sexual harassment and death threats.


The cover-up continues. Now having the house next door REMOVED – including evidence behind murders and more.


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CLICK HERE ROLF - Gruesome death / photos

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CLICK: Home Health; Who Was Behind the Blood Tests?

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This is only a portion. Organized murders / illegal takeovers behind CA water scam.

City of Fresno, between being raped
Jeffry Winslow (Pic)
Sheriff Re: Winslow evidence
Fresno Attorney Referral (Pic)
Jason / Secret Service
Principal Ins re: Swieso fraud, susp homicides (Pic)
Swieso/Silva Atty Fraud
Winslow: Boston Finney Fraud
Home Health Fraud
DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins.
Eberwein Auto Repair (VIN altering)
Local Alarm Companies
Local Moving & Storage Company
Leila’s Tax Service
Lanny Tech
John Thompson, Carmel
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel 1 of 3 Pics
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel 2 of 3 Pics
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel 3 of 3 Pics

Pic of my feet after sewage (Rolf & neighbors left DEAD)
Portion of my RX’s – poisoning & infections from ongoing sewage spills
City of Fresno – perjury to deny what took place, deemed ME guilty of “harassment” for pleading for help, R.O. against me followed by threatening letter if I ever contacted or pled for help again

Click Here #1
Click Here #2
Click Here #3

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CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION: Please help seek justice for Rolf. Investigation / expose the TRUTH behind his MURDER!